Marhaba Lounge T2 Dubai

Marhaba Lounge - Terminal 2 - Departure from Dubai

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Marhaba Lounge - Terminal 2 - Departure from Dubai
Relax in style, no matter your airline or class of travel, in our exclusive lounges. Open 24 hours, these friendly, peaceful oases are the ideal place to relax, eat, or catch up with work. You’ll find all the business services you could need and we also provide an open buffet offering international cuisine, full bar service and other beverages. Our Lounges Include: Wi-Fi and tablets International cuisine with hot and cold beverages Business services Special smokers’ area Terminal 2, Concourse A and B at Terminal 3) Shower facilities for an additional charge (Terminal 1 and Emirates Terminal 3) Special children’s room (Concourse A at Emirates Terminal 3 and Terminal 1) Priority buggy car transfer to your departure gate where possible (Emirates Terminal 3) Cinema room (Terminal 1) Snooze rooms for at an additional charge (Terminal 1) Prayer rooms (Terminal 1) Premium Class Lounge for an additional charge - inclusive of an exquisite buffet and private quiet areas (Terminal 1)
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Booking Lead Time (hrs) 24
Airport Time Zone (GMT) +4